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What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping means that you sell products to your customer that you don’t physically have in stock. A drop ship website, like us, can make this possible by holding the stock for you and shipping it out directly to your customer. Drop Shipping Benefits

  • Attractive prices and discounts available for our partners ( Up to 40% off !! )
  • English Speaking 24/7 Customer Support
  • All products In Stock
  • We provide you a tracking number in 2-5 days.
  • TheFootballShirt’s drop shipping services are completely free, with no fees


How To Dropship With Us ?

In purpose to know more about you, and to start a working relationship between us, you need to contact us first by Skype, live chat or Email.

Your attractive prices and discounts will depend on the number of your daily orders. The more orders you give us and the lower your price will be. It can be up than 40% off !


Contact Us

Contact us now to work with us and get an acttractive prices.

If you have any questions about the dropship program, please feel free to contact us.